Wisconsin and the Midwest are home to a vibrant network of innovators and entrepreneurs, particularly in healthcare, biotechnology and water science. Less abundant is investment capital to drive commercialization of the important technologies of tomorrow. That’s where we come in. 30Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm focused on high-potential, capital-efficient companies raising series A and B financing.

We focus on 5 areas:

  • Digital Health

  • Medical Device & Imaging
  • Biotech Discovery Tools
  • Medical Diagnostics
  • Industrial Water & Chemistry Technology

Our typical check size is $250k-$1M. If you’d like to learn more about 30Ventures or are interested in partnering with us, click the link to contact us.


30Ventures is targeting deals in select market sectors with specific attributes where the Fund can leverage its competitive advantages to identify and advance highly attractive opportunities in the market. Wisconsin and the Midwest have seen the rise of strong entrepreneurial ecosystems in certain sectors within the healthcare and water and chemistry markets. We believe the 30Ventures team brings extensive investing and operating experience in these sectors, and understands the key success factors, exit drivers, challenges and pitfalls facing young companies.

Investing in innovative technologies that:

  • Reduce development costs for innovative new products
  • Reduce costs to Payers, Providers & Patients
  • Improve Patient Management and Outcomes

30Ventures principals have been an integral part of the regional innovation ecosystem for nearly two decades. Contact us for more information.

The 30Ventures Advantage

  • Efficient “outsourced partner” model with high-value Investment Advisory Board
  • Unique Investment Focus
  • Targeting Capital-efficient, Time-efficient Deals
  • Broad, Deep, Relevant Network
  • Strong Post-Investment Portfolio Management

We believe that 30Ventures brings unique skills and deep expertise together with a very attractive market opportunity, to help entrepreneurs build successful companies in Wisconsin and the Midwest and drive to successful exits.

Investment Criteria

“The fund will target companies with capital needs in the range of $5-25 Million over time and attractive exit potential, with a target investment horizon of 3-6 years.”

  • Unique approach to solving a significant problem
  • Novel , protectable IP with path to commercialization & compelling exit drivers

  • Strong management team
  • $5-25 Mil total capital to exit
  • 3-6 year target exit horizon

We build on a strong established network of entrepreneurs, investors, accelerators, academic institutions, clinicians and researchers, and service providers to cultivate superior deal flow and diligence resources and provide exceptional portfolio support.

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